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What Is The Purpose Of God’s Calling?


What is the purpose of God’s calling in the first place?  Those of us who are married, or even single parents with a child or two, as we raise those children, we do it with the intention of giving them the best start and education, nurturing and training possible to equip them to live the most productive and happy lives possible.  That should be the normal desire of every healthy parent alive, to do that for his or her children.  If it isn’t, something’s wrong with that parent.  When people in this world hear Christians talk about God they wonder first, ‘Well, I can’t see God, why should I believe he even exists?  Why does he remain invisible?  And what is his plan for humanity? He must have a plan if he really exists and is a loving God like all those Christians say he is.’  A careful study of the Bible, God’s Word, will show that God is also a parent to those whom he calls into the knowledge of his plan of salvation.  As a loving parent, we are all his children, and he wants to give us eternal life, what would amount to reaching adulthood, being able to lead happy and productive lives forever in God’s Kingdom.  We all know what happens as parents when we see someone else’s children raised improperly, or somehow the world, drugs and alcohol get to them, or pornography, and their lives are wrecked, they’re no longer able to lead happy, productive lives when they reach adulthood.  The world is full of sad cases like that, the history books are filled with examples.  (And God, as a loving parent of mankind, has a plan to straighten all that out, or else he wouldn’t be God and a loving parent.)  Well, if you know anything about God’s overall plan of salvation, he’s first calling a bunch of people, has been, since Abel right up to now, to be the firstfruits, the firstborn of all of mankind, and he’s raising them spiritually so that they will be able to lead productive, happy and healthy lives as immortal beings, and assist in the continuing plan of salvation that God will introduce for all of mankind starting at the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.  But back to the question of why has God remained so completely invisible, especially to those whom he’s called, his spiritual children now?  It is simple, God wants spiritual growth from his children, as they mature to spiritual adulthood, just as we do in desiring to see our children reach a healthy level of maturity and education in this life.  And one of the most key elements of this growth and maturing process, from the beginning to the very end of a child of God’s development to spiritual maturity is faith.  Hebrews chapter 11 shows us this, that the central, overreaching element of faith goes from the very beginning of a believer’s life to the very end.  Hebrews 11:6 says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him:  for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”  If the whole spiritual maturity process contained in God’s plan of salvation for his children can be summed up, it would be in that one verse.  The very first step to becoming a child of God, and in developing a living, lasting faith in him, is to prove conclusively that God does really exist.  (That can be done scientifically, archeologically, and historically.  See,  So, first part of the verse, you have to believe that God exists, by proving conclusively for yourself that he really does exist.  The second half of the verse shows you have to pursue an active relationship with God, “…he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”  Seeking an invisible God for blessings and help in our spiritual upbringing requires faith, walking with God in faith throughout one’s life.  To read about the faith-walk of some of God’s children in the Bible, examples of their lives, you need to read a good study on Hebrews 11.  I have just put together such a study. See  Faith is just one essential area of our spiritual lives and upbringing that we have to go through, in our journey to reaching spiritual adulthood.  The next essential point, every good parent has to have rules of the house that need to be adhered to by their children.  Usually these rules are geared to help bring the child to a level of maturity which will guarantee a successful and happy adult life for the child.  We all want that for our children, so our house rules are geared to help guarantee their safety and happiness, as they grow to adulthood, and to help guarantee that will continue throughout their adult lives.  Schooling and education are a vital part of that.  God as a good parent is no different than what you try to be and do for your own children in regards to this essential area of childrearing.  Some Christian groups mistakenly think the commandments of God are done away, or are evil or something.  The Bible does not teach that, and that very idea goes against good, sound parenting principles, and make no sense at all.  When God calls an individual and places his Holy Spirit within that new child of God, that very Holy Spirit removes the worldly hostility within that person towards all of God’s laws and toward God himself, read Romans 8:1-9.  The Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-19, and as expounded on by Jesus in Matthew 5:17-48 are the house rules God has laid out for his children designed to help bring them to a high level of spiritual maturity (cf. Matthew 5:48, that word “perfect” in the King James is really “mature” in the Greek).  They are intended to protect God’s children from harm, and help guarantee them a healthy productive life, for now and forever upon reaching spiritual maturity.  You parents that attend a Christian church, growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, are merely part of a huge, and ever-growing and expanding child-rearing program God has designed, which will eventually include all of mankind, past, present and future.  God’s Holy Days help map out and picture that massive child-rearing program of God.  For a taste of that, see,  That study shows we are almost at a very important juncture for that overall child-rearing program for mankind, one where God himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, will reveal himself visibly and personally, at his return to earth, to bring this program to its next level.


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“For he the that cometh to God must believe that he is,” that is the first step to becoming a child of God.  So you must prove that God exists first.  see,


God wants us as his maturing children, to walk in faith with him, even though we can’t physically see or hear him.  So what does this faith entail?  see,


We’re coming to a very important juncture in world history and the next major step in the plan of salvation for all of mankind.  God’s Fall Holy Days help picture this for us.  You have a chance to play an active part in that, if you get onboard now and become a child of God.  See,


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