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II. The Servant of the Lord Must Not Strive (2 Tim. 2:24)

If you're building your kingdom, you'll find the work strenuous. But if you can relax, rely on the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, with all of His gifts and glory, you'll find ministry to be delightful. You may get tired in the work, but never of it. "Burn out" is unthinkable if we're resting in Jesus.

As Pastor Chuck [Smith] says, "God wants inspiration, not perspiration." If we seek to "pump up" a ministry with programs, hyped up "worship", or charged up emotionalism, we'll not only be exhausted, but we'll have to strive to maintain what we built. True inspiration comes from a heart yielded fully to God, a life in a state of being continually filled with the Holy Spirit, "speaking to ourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs."

Pastor Chuck loves to take ventures of faith, like Jonathan of old. He loves to just step out and see if God wants to do something. If He doesn't desire to move in that way, that's fine, you withdraw and move on. But sometimes, God will move mightily. He was just waiting for someone to step out of the boat.

When you recognize that God is in charge, and Jesus is building His own church (without our help if need be), you can relax, not strive, not push, not worry. Sometimes if will become obvious through the lack of fruit that God's not in a particular venture. If so, fine, if God's not in it, let it go. That's one reason why each part of Pastor Chuck's ministry is financially independent. That way you're not taking away from something God is blessing to prop up something He's not. [That's a principle straight from George Mueller's life of faith, where money designated for one purpose, or donated for one purpose would never be spent for another purpose.] All of our churches and ministries don't have to be identical, maybe God doesn't want a bookstore here or a touring music ministry there. Let God be God. Go with the flow.

III. Blessed are the Flexible For They Shall Not Be Broken (See Acts 18:9-11)

This third principle is a necessity if you're adhering to the first two. In fact, you can't do the first two without being flexible. Lack of flexibility is why we're often attracted to pre-packaged programs; we like our lives to be regimented, scheduled, so we know what to do and when. It drives our flesh crazy to not have a five year plan.

Any ministry associated with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa must be flexible, "instant in season and out", ready to be used of God at any time in any way. If you're not flexible, you'll break.

In ministry, there are no interruptions, just opportunities to minister the love of God to others. If our lives are guided by the Holy Spirit, we need to be open to hearing and obeying His voice as He speaks to us from His Word.

It's not necessarily wrong to have a schedule, only to be a slave to it. Perhaps God has other plans. I planned to write letters today and tie up administrative details, but maybe God's plan for me was to visit in the hospital or share Christ with the letter carrier. Walking in the Spirit implies an openness to have one's schedule rearranged. Everything God wants done will get done.

Of course, we need to be diligent, good stewards over our time, well organized. But simultaneously, we must be flexible, able to accept change, willing to go wherever the Lord leads. In a big ministry that God is blessing, you may be called on at a moments notice to teach a Bible study, pray with someone, counsel another, or fix the air conditioner.

The flexible never break.

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