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XII. Worship is Vital
(see Eph. 5:18,19)

At Calvary Chapel great emphasis is given to music and worship. Worship is not just a warm up for the sermon, it is actually and literally entering into the Holiest of All, coming through the gates with thanksgiving and the courts with praise. Jesus said the Father was seeking those who would worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Way back in the early days of Calvary Chapel there was a sign out front that said "Jesus Christ is Lord, adore Him with us". That's true worship--adoring Jesus.

We like to stay away from performance type music where the congregation is just watching others worship, in favor of participatory worship that everyone can enter into.

We also like to emphasize songs to Jesus, rather than just songs about Jesus. We are singing to Him, adoring Him, loving Him. We are not just filling space until the late comers get seated.

You can always tell a church that is moving with the Lord. The sanctuary fills up early, people love to sit up in the front row, and they sing with all their hearts.

True, heart felt, Spirit filled worship is vital and essential.

XIII. Be Balanced Theologically
(see I Tim. 4:16. II Tim. 2:23-26)

Pastor Chuck has always sought to avoid those issues which do nothing but divide the Body of Christ, and, as he once said, "when Christ's Body is divided, pray tell, who bleeds?"

Calvary Chapel is unique in the world today because it fills a gap that other churches do not.

On one side of the spectrum, there is an extreme form of pentecostalism with its emotional expression of "charismania", an emphasis on gifts of the Spirit to the expense of the Word of God. On the other end of the spectrum is fundamentalism with its opposition to gifts of the Spirit. At Calvary we believe in and allow for the operation of all the gifts of the Spirit, but always decently and in order. We believe that the Holy Spirit never interrupts Himself, so tongues or prophecies are not allowed while the Word is being taught, for example, Calvary Chapel is the balance between pentecostalism and fundamentalism.

On another spectrum, there are the hyper-Calvinists who teach that Jesus died only for His elect, that man has no free will, that one group is elect for heaven, another is elect for hell, and there's nothing you can do about it. Opposite them are the hyper-Arminians who forget the sovereignty of God altogether and believe a person must be born again each time they sin. Again, Calvary Chapel is the balance between the two. As Pastor Chuck said: "I believe in once saved always saved, if you abide in Christ". [And this is in total agreement with Scripture, for Jesus said in Matthew 24:13 "But he who endures to the end shall be saved." I.e. you can fall away, as Hebrews 10:26-31 also indicates. See also John 15:1-6. These are all serious warnings that we as Christians must abide in Christ. Read them. Take this seriously.] The Bible teaches the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man; it teaches the security of the believer and the perseverance of the saints. We will never intellectually reconcile the two; we just need to accept the fact that God is bigger than we are and teach all that the Bible says.

There are other areas where we tend to get out of balance. Some groups preach pro-life to the expense of the gospel. Others mix in so much psychology that the Scriptures are forgotten. Stay balanced. Stay true to the Word of God.

XIV. Get Your People Praying and Keep Them Praying
(see I Sam. 12:23; Lk. 21:36; Mt. 6)

Jesus said that men ought to always pray and not faint. Samuel said it would be a sin against God to stop praying for the people. Paul prayed whole heartedly for the Philippians.

Prayer is the life blood of the ministry. The church moves forward on its knees. Every successful ministry has had dedicated prayer warriors behind it.

Be creative. Get people praying. Use prayer letters, prayer rooms, elders meetings, whatever. Get them praying. Then, keep them praying.

Prayer is not a means to convince God to give us what we want. It is a means by which we can participate in His will. It is the channel through which He works. Prayer moves the heart of God.

Saturate your ministry with prayer. Lord teach us to pray.

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