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I have provided the articles below in a printable format for your convenience. Each article is linked to its title and will open in a new window.

What Is Evangelism?

Church History

What Is Evangelism?
Principles Of War
How To Lead Others To Jesus
What Is Evangelism?
Local Church Evangelism
Valuable Tools Of Evangelism
The Jesus Film Project
Excerpts From I Just Saw Jesus
Evangelism Through Sister Church Links
Samaritan's Purse - One Vital Leg of Evangelism
The JESUS Film Project A Special Report to Ministry Partners
Revolution In World Missions

John Wesley And The Methodist Christian Revival
The Saga Of The Pilgrims
Chuck Smith And The Calvary Chapel Christian Revival
America's Godly Heritage
The World Wide Church Of God
Sabbatarian Revivals Down Through History
Cotton Mather's Dilemma: Christmas In Puritan New England

What Is Prayer?

What Is Pre-Evangelism?

The Power Of Prayer
Local Church Evangelism
Sample Excerpts From "Partners In Prayer
Learning To Pray The Bible Way
George Muller "Man Of Faith And Miracles
Create A Resource Table
Releasing God's Power Through Fasting

What Is Pre-Evangelism and Why Is Pre-Evangelism So Important?
Examples and Resources of Pre-Evangelism
A Little Fish Challenges A Giant Of Science
The 2ndComing Of Christ
The Bible God's Infallable Word?
The Creator Beyond Time And Space

Romans 1-8

What Is Christian Growth?

An Introduction To The Book Of Romans
Romans 1-3: The Problem
Sample Excerpts From "Partners In Prayer

Excerpts From The Way Of Agape
I Corinthians 7 - Family/Marriage
His Needs, Her Needs, Our Needs

Romans 9-14

What Is Praise And Worship?

Romans 9-11: The Perplexities Of The Gospel
Romans 12-14: The Practice Of The Gospel

Praise And Worship

I Corinthians


I Corinthians 1-4
I Corinthians 5-6
I Corinthians 7
I Corinthians 8-11
I Corinthians 12-14
I Corinthians 15-16

The Gospel Of Mark

Mark 1-5
Mark 6
Mark 7
Mark 8
Mark 9
Mark 10
Mark 11
Mark 12
The Holy Day Shadow's, What Do They Represent?
The Meanings Of The Feast Of Trumpet

Four Steps To Power
Fourth Step To Power
The Body Of Christ
Our Minds
Our Attitudes
Our Tongues
A New Walk
Slaves and Masters
Putting On Jesus
There's A War Going On
Belt Of Truth
Sword Of Spirit
Putting On The Armor Of God

Gifts and Giving

Gifts and Giving

Jesus Our Passover Lamb

Powerful Concepts Of Ministry

The Last Six Days
Who Is Jesus?

Concepts Of Ministry
Principles Of Ministry
Philosophy of Ministry

What Is Faith

Prophecies of Jesus

“What It Means To Believe in Jesus”

The Prophecies of Jesus Christ’s 1st Coming
The Prophecies of Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming

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