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2. Russian military activity:  The Russians have had to deal with several hundred years of Chinese design on their Siberian territory.  The Chinese have coveted and at times tried to invade Siberia, desiring its rich oil and mineral resources.  Russia, as part of their nuclear disarmament agreements with the United States as the Soviet Union fell apart, had many if not all of their nuclear Fleet Ballistic Missile submarines on the "scrap" list--including all six of what I term as their "continent fryer" Typhoon class FBMs (remember that monster sub in the Tom Clancy movie "Red October"?).  The Russian's under Vladimir Putin have now taken three of those big babies off the scrap list and re-activated them.  As of now, they're all sea-worthy, and on station on a rotational basis.  Also, some of the Delta III & IV FBMs have been re-activated and are currently on station, along with one Yankee class FMB.  Vladimir is most definitely sending a military message to the Chinese, as he now pushes Russia into a re-armament phase. 

Politically, what has happened in Russia?

Russian Delta IV Class FMB

3. Changing Russian Political Scene:  Now let's see what Albert Israeli has to say in his own words about what has occurred in Russian politics, what amounts to the Russian people voting themselves in a one-party system.  "The political situation in Russia is changing dramatically.  Now after the elections to the parliament Russia is back to a one party system.  With no democratic opposition in sight this government can easily change any part of the constitution.  We are seeing a more dictatorial power rising here that will have bad consequences for people in general." [February 2002 News & Prayer Letter, Messiah For Israel, under "archived articles", .]  Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB for ten years, now stands as the duly elected dictatorial leader of Russia, with his party holding an overwhelmingly vast majority of seats in both houses.  But the Russians voted themselves into this dictatorship, in what I would say is their overwhelming desire for security over freedom.  Military security would come near the top of the list for the average Russian citizen, where uncertianty over domestic terrorism, and the China threat, just to name two, are top on their minds.  Don't forget, these people have never known freedom in a democracy, never.  They're not used to it, or making decisions for themselves in the area of national government.  They're doing what comes naturally for them.  But this puts a nuclear re-arming Russian dictatorship right up alongside Europe's entire eastern border.  That's got to be causing Europeans, especially those from the just recently freed eastern countries, a very serious amount of angst. 

(to see how Vladimir Putin is moving to strengthen the Kremlin's power, log onto:

4. Don't forget Europe's major oil source:  Europe is 95 percent dependant on Middle East oil, with probably 85 percent of that from Saudi Arabia.  How do you think Europeans feel about fundamentalist Al-Qaida attacks inside Saudi Arabia, threatening the Saudi government and driving American and European oil-workers out of that major oil producig Middle Eastern country?  How do you think Europeans feel about Al-Qaida attacks that have blown up Iraqi pipelines, both in the north and south, cutting off at times, their entire production shipments?  Do you see a trend in the headlines?  It's scary.  And this trend of violent Islamic expansionism has been going on a whole lot longer than most folks realize, but the former administration in the White House had a bad habit of sweeping those details under the rug.  But they were being reported in the newspapers.

  And as a French journalist wrote, who does not profess any belief in God, he said this fundamentalist Islamic movement has a spirit behind it.  Very interesting.

Incentives for Europe to unite are now coming into place:  I think we've just seen that the incentives that have been lacking in recent European history, from 1945 to present, are now coming into place, and very rapidly."Europe is faced right now with social dissintegregation if it does not take drastic political and religious action. Don't believe so, log onto these two links and read this article and watch this youtube    (: )".
  The Bible clearly prophecies that a Romish form of government comprised of "ten nations who give their authority" to a powerful dictator will eventually come into existence in the area of Europe--as a revival of the Roman Empire (6 such "Holy Roman Empire" revivals have already occurred).  The Bible very clearly predicts such events, but it never shows how they will come to be, just that they will come.  We as humans are the ones who have to wait and see how the Bible's predictions will come to pass, and when.  The Jews in the time of Alexander the Great were watching the prophecies in Daniel 2 in wonderment and amazement as Alexander swept down through the Middle East conquering all that stood in his way.  They could clearly see the prophecies of this event being fulfilled in front of their very eyes.  And they very wisely chose to befriend this conquering king, rather than attempt to fight him.  Alexander was the belly and thighs of brass in Nebuchadnezzar's dream which Daniel interpretted for the king (Daniel 2:31-44).  The next empire to be prophecied was the Roman Empire, which came along right on time, conquering all of the previous Greek empire of Alexander the Great and all the nations that were included in Alexander's Empire.  What we are witnessing, as events are unfolding on the world scene right now, are geo-political incentives for the formation of this final evil empire that the Bible predicts will come on the scene just before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to save the world from global inhilation.  If you have any doubts in your mind how nasty this future "empire" might be, realize that the Hitler-Mussilini duo was  a brief revival of a "Holy Roman Empire", Mussilini having been crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by the pope in 1935.  There is tons of WWII history one can study to see just how evil that one was (or just rent and watch Schindler's List).

"For a more complete description of what the Bible predicts in the way of prophecied empires leading up to and including this final one we have been talking about, i.e. the coming United States of Europe, log onto: . If you are a believer, read on, as this last part pertains to you specifically."

What should we, as Christians, be doing with this knowledge? If you think God the Father merely drew you to Jesus and now you're a Christian, and that's it, life's wonderful with all these Christian friends to fellowship with--let's live it up, life's great--well, think again.  That's not exactly the job description Jesus left us Christians with.  You might want to read the following if you think that's all there is to Christianity, that it's just some nice kind of social club.  Or maybe, now that you realize what's up prophetically speaking, and that this stuff looks imminent, you're planning on spending hours of your time every week scanning the headlines for clues to when the gig's up, so you can run and hide somewhere like some survivalist.  God's promised protection for Christians that are doing his will, but he hasn't necessarily told us how or when he's going to protect us.  I.e. he doesn't want us to know that information, but instead to trust him, while doing his will.  So give up on that idea.  You'd better off--spiritually speaking--studying the gospels and Epistles.  So what does God want us to be doing with our time, especially if that time may be drawing to a close?

Is there a link between Bible Prophecy and Evangelism?

Today there is a major push to bring the gospel of salvation to the entire world, to all the language groups in the world.  By reading the documented accounts of the field work of the major international evangelistic organizations it becomes totally obvious that the Holy Spirit is behind and fueling this drive to promote the gospel of salvation in today's "modern" times. But support and funding of these excellent international evangelistic organizations is insufficient and sporadic at best.  Some Christian groups and denominations don't necessarily think this worldwide push of evangelism is Biblical, or necessary, while others do (but what the Holy Spirit is doing in these areas can't really be ignored).  What did Jesus Christ have to say on this subject? It's time to take a hard look at what Jesus actually said and determine that what he said should govern our actions and beliefs in this important area.  First let's note that he said there would be a major push to promote the gospel of the kingdom to the entire world just before the end of this evil age and his 2nd coming.  Matthew 24:14, "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."  What end?  Verse 15-16, "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judea flee unto the mountains."  To those who understand Bible prophecy, verse 15 of Matthew 24 marks the beginning of World War III, called the great tribulation in Bible language.  But in Jesus' own words, he said that there would be this huge push to promote the gospel of salvation around the world, and that when this was accomplished, then the end of this evil age would come, and ultimately, if you keep reading Matthew 24 through to verse 31, the 2nd coming of Jesus himself.  These are all Jesus Christ's own words, directly quoted and not taken out of context.  The very first commission Jesus gave to the 500 or so disciples (students) who had faithfully followed him, and by extension, all Christians from then on, is found in Matthew 28:18-20.  It's the only major job assignment Jesus gave Christians to perform until he comes again.  Let's read itMatthew 28:18-20, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.  Amen."   There are two parts to this assignment: 1) Preach, teach the gospel to all nations, and 2) obviously, to those who respond favorably, baptize them and teach them to observe all things, whatsoever Jesus had commanded them (and now recorded in Scripture).  This was spoken in similar time sequence to Acts 1:8-9, where Jesus said this, "But ye shall receive the power of the Holy Spirit coming upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."  That is basically the only job assignment Jesus gave his disciples (disciples: archaic king James language for students), and by extension all Christians born of the Holy Spirit.  That job entails preaching the gospel of salvation, which is called in some places, the gospel of the kingdom--and to teach those who respond favorably (obviously one can't do much teaching to those who don't respond favorably, their minds are closed) the details of how to be a Christian or believer in Jesus.  This job can be broken down into two areas, one is promoting and preaching the gospel to everyone, and the other is nourishing and supporting the body of Christ--made up of those who respond favorably to the gospel message--believers, nourishing them in the Word of God.  Some Christians have been blessed with talents in the nourishment end of this assignment, while others are good at evangelism.  Let each of us use the talents God gave us in the area of this assignment where we best fit. 

        But now what is the connection between prophecy and evangelism?  As we have just seen in Matthew 24, Jesus predicted (prophecied) that there would be such a large push to promote the gospel of the kingdom just before the start of World War III--the tribulation--that this gospel would go around the world and reach all nations and peoples.  Then right after that is accomplished the end of this evil age would come.   Also in Matthew 24 a great persecution of Christians takes place, which Jesus also predicted in Matthew 10, tied right to this "end time" push of the gospel message.  Could it be that this push of the gospel message is going to be so powerful and so extensive that it stirs up a hatred aimed at Christians?  It appears so.  But it hasn't happened yet, not in this country yet (the United States).  Why?  Because the gospel of the kingdom isn't going out to the world in sufficient power to cause this hatred and persecution of Christians on a worldwide scale that would include the United States.  Doesn't that tell us something?   Roughly a third of the Bible is prophecy, some already fulfilled, but a lot of prophecy is 2nd coming of the Messiah prophecy, yet to be fulfilled.  Then about a third of the Bible is historical in nature, and about a third is instructive in nature, showing how we ought to live spiritually, growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  But prophecy does show that when this major push to evangelize the world is accomplished a lot of the world will reject the message.  If we are to believe Jesus, immediately following this worldwide dissemination of the gospel (and its rejection by the world), World War III starts.  In this war, God totally gives this world over to Satan for a 3.5 year span of time (Dispensational Pre-Millennialists believe it's a 7 year span--no matter, we'll see when it occurs {if we're still alive}).  But God's major lesson to mankind is this:  Look and see what you get when you reject God's invitation to a better way of life and Eternal Life at the end--you get destruction and annihilation.  Then when the world has had it's fill of destruction and annihilation, Jesus comes and stops the war, locks up Satan and the demons and brings salvation to all who are left alive.  The start of a whole new world without Satan begins and lasts for 1,000 years-a world where the knowledge of salvation and of God fills the earth as the seas cover the earth-salvation is freely offered to everyone with no more blinding influence coming from Satan, everyone's eyes will be opened to the truth of God (cf. Revelation 19:1-21; 20:1-6; Zechariah 14:1-19; Isaiah 35:1-10; Isaiah 11:1-16; Ezekiel 36, whole chapter).  That's the connection between Evangelism and prophecy.  Both are part of God's lesson plan for mankind.   And as things get close to the beginning of verse 15 of Matthew 24, we as Christians must be about the job Jesus gave for us to accomplish, the job he said would be accomplished before the start of World War III, the tribulation.  So when you read these prophecies, understand, this is God's lesson plan for mankind.  And we Christians have been given a very important teaching job within that lesson plan of God to the world.  Ask yourself this, why did God leave Satan and the demons on this planet when he created mankind through Adam and Eve?  God is the ultimate teacher.  Jesus was called Rabbi, Teacher, by his students (disciples).  God is teaching the whole of mankind a lesson He doesn't want forgotten--not just what His way of life brings--but what Satan's way of life brings--death.  There's a positive and negative side to God's lesson plan.  Some like to avoid the teaching of all prophecy and stick entirely to teaching about Christianity.  They avoid some of the central lessons God has to teach about what happens when you follow Satan's way of life.  The whole gospel is a full-bodied message with a positive element and a negative element.  Even the apostle Paul in his thorough description of the gospel of Christ in the book of Romans points out the problem of mankind that the gospel is meant to address (cf. Romans 1).  And prophecy clearly shows the negative side of the lesson plan--if you ignore the gospel offer from God, destruction and annihilation will be the end result.  So we see that prophecy, the balanced teaching of it, is a vital part of God's lesson plan for mankind and Christians alike.  And as we see things getting close to the end, prophecy should make us want to redouble our efforts to support worldwide evangelism, and evangelism at all levels. Don't lose sight of the job God has given you to do as a Christian or Messianic believer in Yeshua.  If you wonder how you could do anything to support evangelism, that you're just not cut out for that--that's fine.  Your talents may be in the area of nourishing and support of other Christians and new-believers.  But you can always lend support to those who are doing the job in the international areas of evangelism, and doing it quite effectively.  The one thing that they do need is steady contributions. (And it doesn't have to be much.  A steady habit of giving is far more important to the international evangelistic organizations than the amount you can afford to give.)  And that is something we can all do.  This site has a whole section on evangelism, and the Mission Statement at the bottom of the Homepage shows some of the ways international evangelism can be supported (http://www.UNITYINCHRIST.COM/missionstatement.htm ).    You can make a difference in how many people are given an opportunity to chose life instead of death--eternal life!  God says that he places life and death before us, and commands us to chose life.  Deuteronomy 30:15, "See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil." That lesson is spelled out in prophecy and evangelism, when they are properly coupled together as they should be.

The European nations are receving a wake-up call, you can bet on that one for sure.  Isn't it high time we as Christians woke up too?

For a more complete description of what the Bible predicts in the way of prophecied empires leading up to and including this final one we have been talking about, i.e the coming United States of Europe, log onto:

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