Churches of Christ


Another loosely affiliated group of congregations formed out of the period of the Second Great Awakening and from the American Restoration Movement of the 18th and 19th centuries. Rather than rewrite the articles that pretty accurately describe their histories, I will give you the links going to those articles which I found on There are three basic groups calling themselves Churches of Christ. The three links are below:


Their intent was to pattern themselves after the early Christian church that came out of Jerusalem and came through Asia Minor. They may have gotten the spirit of the early Church right in their movement, but due to a lack of proper understanding which has come to us through recent discoveries in archeology and recently discovered church history, they have failed to recognize the Jewishness of the early Christian Church during its first 250 years. (see to see what I’m referring to.) Apart from their early beginnings going through the 19th century when they were Classic Premillennial in their eschatological beliefs, they have recently embraced a mild form of Amillennial interpretation of prophecy.