Where Are We Headed In Prophecy?  Where Is UCG Headed?



An empowering spirit (not the good kind) drove the czars of Russia, then Stalin, and also Hitler.  Vladimir Putin apparently is being driven by this same spirit, sadly.  The Ukraine (unreported by our lame Press and news outlets) has gone under Martial Law.  The Ukrainian army is now breaking into any kind of public gathering, including church meetings and socials and forcefully conscripting any male 19 years old and older into the Ukrainian army.  The Ukrainian government has hit the panic button, Vladimir has pushed their backs against the wall.  For more insight into whatÕs coming over the horizon, listen to what this man, Victor Kubic, has to say.  HeÕs half Russian, half Ukrainian, and knows what heÕs talking about, and what heÕs seeing.  


Log onto Victor KubikÕs sermon by clicking on this link: http://www.ucg.org/sermon/where-are-we-headed-where-ucg-headed/