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Welcome to Unity in Christ


In these very troubled end-times we find ourselves in, just prior to Jesus’ return, there is a very strong need to bring about unity within the body of Christ. You may find this hard to believe, but Jesus Christ has directly and emphatically called for this unity!  Don’t believe me, read it for yourself. Log on and scroll to the section on Zephaniah 2:1-3

          What is the Body of Christ?  The body of Christ is composed of the various Christian and Messianic Jewish fellowships exhibiting the fruits of the Holy Spirit. So if God places his Holy Spirit in a person, he or she is a believer, it’s that simple. Paul clearly stated that true believers in Jesus could possess a very wide range of differing secondary beliefs and still be genuine believers .So we must drop our prejudices toward each other due to differences in secondary beliefs.

          What is the sign of a believer in Jesus?  Jesus, before His death and resurrection, commanded his disciples—believers and followers of Him—TO LOVE EACH OTHER (John 13:34-35).  That is how Jesus said others would know we are his disciples.  He said the world will know we are His if, and only if, we have this love for each other that He had for all of us. (see Legacy of Love)


What this website offers


This site is set up as a spiritual “neutral zone”, an online spiritual cafeteria where believers from all denominational backgrounds can come to feed on the spiritual meals provided. If you would like a complete Site Map for this website, log onto 

If you want to read a good Bible definition for what the Gospel is, please log onto And what is the other most important things besides Bible study, which brings growth and revival?  Prayer.


If you're not a believer and you question whether God exists at all, you will find this new section "Does God Exist?" fascinating.  To read some incredible articles on this subject, CLICK HERE

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