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“The Worldwide Church of God” Section


The Worldwide Church of God (what happened to it?)

What is Arianism?

Agape Series

Has the Sabbath Been Abrogated?

What is the Sabbath a shadow of?

Pastors Are Shepherds

A good resource for examining the abuses within the Churches of God is here:

Church of God Network:

Prayer Groups

Sabbath Hospitality

New Wine Skin vs Old

Expository Style Sermons

We’re Salt & Light

How Should We Keep The Sabbath?

Geology Of The Earth Before Adam

The Purpose Of Human Life

The Great Divide

Reconciliation Series (Gary Petty series, by permission)


Family Prayer Groups

How Would You Judge You

Will He Find Faith?

Eye For An Eye

God Loves Our Brokenness

About Evangelism

Fruit Filled Living

Crisis In Ukraine

God’s Will For Our Children

Eat Unleavened Bread

Witness Sunday-Keeper

Death is Dead

Passover Lamb section

Last Six Days

What Is Passover


Exodus From Egypt (this file contains 4 daisy-chain hypertext links, each a file of its own)  


Feast of Weeks/Pentecost

Fall Holy Days 

Millennial Kingdom of God--The World To Come


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