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“The Free State of Jones”—what it tells us


The American Civil War was a proxy war between the 1 percent super-wealthy of the North (Wall Street) against the 1 percent slave-holding super-wealthy of the South, with the poor soldiers on both sides not really understanding the con-job and whose battle they were really fighting.  Wall Street won, and has been responsible for multiple wars since then (don’t believe me, see  The true story in the movie “The Free States of Jones” depicts this better than anything I’ve ever read or seen.  “The Free State of Jones” Charter said this:  “From this day forward we declare the land north of Pascagoula Swamp, south of Enterprise, east of the Pearl River to the Alabama border to be A Free State of Jones, and as such we do hereby proclaim and affirm the following principles:  Number 1.  No man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich.  Number 2. No man ought to tell another man what he’s gotta live for, or what he’s gotta die for.  Number 3.  What you put in the ground is yours to tend and harvest, and ain’t not man ought to be able to take that away from you.  Number 4. Every man’s a man.  If you can walk on two legs, you’re a man [regardless of skin color].  Its as simple as that.”  What was the final outcome of this true story, depicted in the movie “The Free State of Jones”?  The super-wealthy 1 percent of Wall Street won, and gave back the wealthy plantations of the wealthy 1 percent of the South to their previous owners, and the blacks became virtual indentured servants to them.  The poor, both white and black, North and South remain slaves to that rich 1 percent, Wall Street.  So who won the Civil War?  If you love social justice, you have to see this movie.


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